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Monday, May 31, 2010

Memorial Day rambling

It's Memorial Day.

No big plans other than let the Toddler play himself stupid outside in his blow up pool in the middle of our driveway. He loves it...it was worth the $20 clearance price I paid for it and the nine months of storage in the building before we dragged it out.

I have poison ivy on my toe. Just one bump, which seems to be how I get poison ivy. The husband breaks out in a nasty crusty red inflammed rash. I get one bump that itches like a SOB and then goes away. Thank goodness for one thing that I am not glaringly allergic too...like black beans. Do you know anyone other than me that will end up the emergency room if they get a smidgeon of black bean in them? Fun times dining out with me at any place that boasts 'southwest' cause I can't touch it. Can't depend on the 17 year old waiter with the glazed over look to make sure that it really doesn't have black beans in it. So I'll just have a caesar salad please.

Enough about that.

My inlaws bought us a new digital camera for Christmas. Being one, that does not print out pics until I have a project I want to do with them, had not printed out any since December. I have sent pics to be picked up at Walgreens by the grandparents so that they could see them, but have not printed out any myself.

I'm not a professional...but I have taken classes, been published, won awards and I have a Communication Arts degree for crying out loud. I can take a picture. I really can. I'm picky on how my photos look. Yes, I take a gazillion, but out of that gazillion, a few should be serviceable.

This camera SUCKS.


The digital images are fine. The print outs look like something that was taken with a 35 mm disposable...and a generic one that had been left out in the sun at that.

Soft focus, fuzzy...weird colorations. LOOKS LIKE CRAP.

I've been struggling with this camera...and fighting it to take the pics I want it to take...but I had no idea the prints looked THAT bad. I know it isn't the lab. The lab didn't do the things to these pics that printed out.


So back to the handheld, slow recovery, little Nikon. Takes awesome pics and I don't have to fight the mother to get it to zoom in and focus. The other one won't take a close up to save its life! It just refuses. No matter what setting. I give up.

Potty training....little man is doing good. We're getting there. I've cleaned poop out of the floor a few times, and usually he starts in his britches, announces it, and then we run for the potty. He's doing good!

Husband....we're getting there. It's been a good couple of weeks, but the majority of it he's been gone. He leaves for three weeks this coming weekend, and then home and gone again off and on for the rest of summer. I get it, its his job. But I still would like him around. The Toddler misses him, and then when he's back home, the Toddler is crazy because he's showing off and being a buttmunch to show him how much he has missed him.

I love them both...

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