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Wednesday, March 21, 2012


Kiddo has a Big Mouth.

Like I have said before, I have NO idea where he got that trait.


He also likes Toy Story.

So I will segway into our conversation in Target on Saturday night.

"Mom!  They have Toy Story toys!!"

"Kiddo, we are not getting a Toy Story toy...this is not shopping for a prize"

"Mom!  They have Woody!"

I'm going to interrupt here with my personal thoughts on a few things.  One...whoever in the hell named that characted Woody needs to go shopping with a three/four year old in a toy store.  Come on!  Woody...give me a break!  It's as bad as Percy being pronounced by a two year old.  Again, the Namer needs beaten.

Back to the story:

"No Kiddo"

And then he belts out....

"Mom!  I want the WIGGLY WOODY!  Not the HARD WOODY!  I want a WIGGLY WOODY!"

I couldn't fucking push the buggy fast enough.

And The Husband had to step into an aisle and laugh until he cried.

Sunday, March 18, 2012

Catching Up

I've been meaning to do a blog entry lately...but usually something happens that keeps me from sitting down in front of my computer for about ten minutes at a stretch...

Someone needs to poop...usually the dog.

Someone needs fed...usually the kid.

Someone needs to do homework...usually me.

Someone needs to put together yet another presentation of some sort...usually The Husband.

In other words, I haven't really popped open my own laptop for an extended stretch for nearly a month now.

Here's a Recap.

The Husband has adjusted well and it's as if he never left.  Between the Therapist I made him go to (well, he had no problem with going so it isn't like I twisted his arm), to the fact that neither one of us had an uber stressful separation...things have been good.

OTHER THAN the fact that he CANNOT stop buying Kiddo STUFF.  He's creating a mini monster that wants a prize everytime we stop the car....whether it's at an Exxon station or Target.  I've had to draw the line in the sand a few times.  But then he sneaks and orders from Amazon.  Ridiculous.  We are working on it.  I'm going to have to pull his password privileges.

We've done some super cool stuff.  Circus, Museum of Natural History, Surry-Jamestown Ferry, and SNOW!

My 37th Birthday has come and gone.  I was fine until one of my classmates announced  "Oh My God! My Mom is like only 42!"  Well shit sweetheart...thanks.

I've drawn blood on four people now.  My first was The Husband in a private training session at the Fire House where he works.  That was cool.  I was deemed a 'Good Stick'.  I'll take that as a compliment.  I guess.  :)  Considering I didn't bruise him at all.  Plus, I didn't really realize blood was REALLY that red.  We've been drawing on fake arms for so long, I was used to the red kool aid color.

10 more weeks of class and then I am out on externship.  Then done.  Fifteen weeks total.  I cannot wait.  I'm tired of juggling.  It's been awesome though.

I'm still loving my job.  I'm becoming jaded though regarding a few things.  Too many little girls rolling in there pregnant and their mom's are giving them their 'privacy'.  Give me a break.  That's what got you the hell in the mess.  I'm glad I am not in the dating pool...I think STD's are a new rage of some sort...I didn't know THAT many people were trucking around with all kinds of things going on Down There.  But I'm learning and enjoying my job.  So grateful to have a job too!

And The Husband is a Changed Man.  I've brought him over the Dark Side.  Pedicures.  He went with me during our Date Weekend and is addicted as sin.   We had a babysitter this past weekend so that we could get our truck taken care of (sold the old one, bought a new one and didn't want to have to wrestle Kiddo at a Dealership).  So we went again as a treat.  I have a new Pedi Partner...and the girls at the nail salon get a huge kick out of GI Joe getting his toes done.   Stand back girls...he's ALL mine!

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