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Saturday, January 28, 2012


Since The Husband came home, he's been unpacking...bit by bit.

Our upstairs guest room looks like the Army threw up from end to end.

Last time he came home, Kiddo was so small...and when The Husband started unpacking, he proceeded to grab his Gold Spurs and poke them right in his mouth.  I have an awesome pic of that. 

This time, Kiddo hasn't ventured up into the Guest Room to see the mess...

But today, The Husband and I worked all morning on finding our house underneath the clutter and mess.

My poor housekeeper...I left her a note apologizing for the mess...I'm sure she has seen worse.

The Husband started unpacking the huge gorilla boxes that he sent over a few weeks before he left from Over There.

They have been stacked behind my couch in the living room because that is as far as I was able to drag the lead lined brick loaded vertebra busting heavy ass things.

And Kiddo had a bit of a freak out moment.

This is the Kid that has dealt with The Husband being gone pretty well.  He has really managed to deal with him being Back Home even better. 

Never missed a beat.

Until today.

It was sad really.

"Dad!  Are you going back to Drill?!  DAD!"  as he was running from the dining room towards The Husband.  He wrapped his little hands over the top of the gorilla box and looked up at The Husband with these really wide blue eyes.

The Husband tried to explain he was just unpacking his stuff...but Kiddo wasn't really accepting that too much.  He actually grabbed the hat out of The Husband's hands and tossed it back in the box. 

Poor Kiddo.

The Husband stopped working on the box of stuff and closed the lid.

It can wait another day.

I dread The Husband's First Drill Weekend in March.  This is gonna be really interesting.

I'm not sure Kiddo isn't going to freak out a bit.

Thursday, January 26, 2012

Extra hands...

Since April of last year, I have been busting my tail trying to keep everything in some sort of order...

Dinner, dishes, laundry, Kiddo...feed The Dog, feed The Cat before she claws the front door to shreds because her 16 pound self cannot wait five seconds longer to be fed...can you tell The Cat and I are not getting along all that well?

In there I had homework, studying, bills...errands.

It was a hell of a lot easier when I wasn't working...

Then I started working and wondered what in the hell was I thinking?  Nothing got done...I was spinning!

BUT, I now have a Great Husband 2000 that does laundry, dishes, keeps up with The Dog (The Cat is still a bit of an issue but that's mostly HER problem), took The Dog to the vet twice, prepares most dinners, jump starts my car when I have left the dome light on for three days, called AT&T and reupped our minutes so that we can share now, handled a Pediatrician appointment, one car repair is looming, and he occupies Kiddo while I study....

It's so nice to have him home.

I will honestly say, he's doing great...once he got all of the running around to stores thing out of his system after the first week. 

I hit a wall the second week.

Wives who have their husbands gone for long stretches of time will understand this comparison.  He was pissing in my litterbox and I was getting very territorial.

I was getting aggravated at everything.  The phone ringing, his piles of Army Throw Up all over the house and upstairs.  The extra laundry (that he was doing by the way).  I was not used to having another adult in the house with an actual opinion.    I wanted to pick a fight.

Nothing is more annoying than being undermined by a Husband that has Deployment Guilt and is spoiling Kiddo incessantly.  I had to step away...and then talk about it later to him.  There were other things involved, and I had to hike up my skirts and get over the wall...after I kicked it a few minutes.

So Momma had to take a deep breath and lighten up a bit. 

So far, things are going smoothly and we are looking at week four of him being home soon.  At this point last time we had had more than a few head banging moments...he'd went for a few drives, I had went for a few drives, we'd yelled.

Not so much this go round.


It's going to be harder when he goes back to work in another month, but we will rock it out.

PS...Funny story.  Brought The Husband home from the Airport.  Settled in and hid from The Neighbors.  Went to bed.  I woke up at 3a...very disoriented and confused.  My heart was pounding...I was quite frightened.  There was someone in the bed with me...oh gawd there is someone in the bed with me!  I start to ease myself out of the bed so as not to wake The Freak...wondering why in the world someone was in the bed with me.   I had plotted in my head how to get me and Kiddo out of the house without being heard.  I had completely sat up, and was getting ready to slide on off the mattress when I realized... "Oh hell...It's The Husband!" 

Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Monday, January 2, 2012

Old Lady Underwear

I'm knocking on forty.

I'm a tad overweight.

I'm not a fashionista by any stretch of the imagination.

But I draw the line at frumpy underwear.

I had to step over that line today and draw a new one.

For the New Year's Holiday, my office was closed...and Kiddo's Preschool was open.  So I took advantage and was a Bad Mommy. 

I dropped him off at 830a...for just half a day to alleviate the Guilt.

I dropped a package off at Staples for the UPS guy to take BACK to Fredericks of Hollywood.

You know that Hot Little Number that I bought as a Welcome Home Surprise for The Husband.

Yeah...the model needs to eat a pizza and I need to remember that I cannot buy anything mail order.

At least it was too big.

And not as Hot as the picture on the website...I was bummed.
Then I hit Macy's for some new bras.

They didn't have the ones I had bought before.  Unfortunately. 

Nor did they have a salesperson.  Anywhere.

Fine...I'll got to Victoria's Secret.

I'm not sure what happened to Vicci's in the past few years....but I really really think I have outgrown the place.

Or they've lost the little bit of class that they had.

Probably a bit of both...

I'm not up to having the word PINK on everything I wear...nor the word LOVE printed across my ass.

Writing on the ass is just screaming BILLBOARD....especially when you aren't the cute little size 2 eighteen and twenty year olds they are marketing to now.

Those bitches will just run up their credit card folks and not pay the bill...but you know that.

I walked in Victoria's Secret twice...once on my way through the mall and once on my way out.

Both times, I just got more disgusted and left.

Their bras won't hold up anything anymore...tother than the Size 2's...and their cotton panties have ruffles on the edges, words all over them, and they basically carry thongs...

Plus they aren't made as well as they used to be.  If I am going to spend $6 for a pair of underwear it had better make it through to the next Semi-Annual sale...lately...they have not.

Plus, I don't wear a thong.  If you want a thong, Vicci's is the place to be.

It's a permanent wedgie...thanks.

Fuck this.

I managed to find two bras at JCPenney that will suffice since they don't have the iron stiff underwire in them...and bought a package of Hanes panties at Target.

I haven't bought prepackaged underwear since I had Kiddo and bought Granny Panties for the hospital.

At least they are fun colors.

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