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Tuesday, May 15, 2012


Oh, the past two weeks have been a whirlwind.

I'm sorta healed up from the Shingles From Hell.  Thank goodness I had a very small case and most of the rash was hidden in my hair.

This does not mean that it was pain free and without discomfort.

Oh no...it SUCKED.

The pain was followed by some righteous itching..and the desperate need to dig the hell out of my hair with a brush.

Which I did one night...then washed my hair and washed my hair and washed my hair again. 

My forehead and hairline still hurt every time the sun touches it...and the left side of my face has been weirdly numb off and on for the past few days.  Like novacaine numb.  Very weird.  Doc said that might happen with the nerve damage done by the shingles.  My favorite part is my left eyelid going numb.  Pretty sweet.

Not really.

No one else in the house caught the Chickenpox from me...so I count my blessings.

I went on four interviews during my recovery.  One was a joke, the second was ok, the third was really hopeful, and the fourth was a score!

The third though, has a great story.

I know I talk...a lot.  But I can control it, and will not jabber your ear completely off and give you my life story.

I'm just an extrovert.

It's who I am.

I interviewed for job #3 and a very well established large family practice.

I interviewed with the office manager, my counterpart Medical Assistant, and the Doctor that I would be working with.

It would have been an awesome job, and I won the interview.

But during the course of the conversation with the office manager when she called to offer the job, I discover that the Doctor found me annoying and felt I talked too much.  She said if I didn't work out with him, she'd find me another position in the office.

Uhm...excuse me?

I'm not just sure what the Doctor wanted me to do...do the interview in Sign Language? 

I answered his questions.  Sometimes with a sentence or two.

But no paragraphs.

I was very subdued and constrained during the interview. 

Believe me, I know how to act in public.

The Husband and I had tried to justify the job during the wait to find out if they were going to offer it to me.

It was 40 miles away, and the hours were all over the freaking place.

This was not going to work.

So with the Annoying Comment, I just said 'No Thank You' and moved on.

Damn...if I annoyed him in three minutes, I'm not sure working with him would be a bowl of cherries.  More like the pits.

Same day I turned down Annoyed Doc, I had another Doc call our office looking for an MA.

Guess who jumped on the opportunity and scored a great new office....


That's who!


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