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Monday, April 30, 2012

Hardy Har Har

Best. Shit. Ever.

Right here folks...the Aveeno Anti Itch good for the Pox that ails ya.

I only stood in Walgreens for twenty minutes weighing my options and level of itch/infection/pain before I settled on this product...pretty much because it wasn't goopy runny calamine but had calamine in it.

There was no way in Hell I was going to ask the Pharmacist for help.  I am not mentioning the word Shingles in public, nor was I going to ask the same Kid that gave me this shit for help.

Yes, I totally blame him and the third Hepatitis B shot for this outbreak.

But back to the Glorious Aveeno.


And you can put it in your hair.

I'm too old for this shit.  I really am.

Shingles sucks eggs.  I've moved past the Horrific Agonizing Pain and onto the Stupid Can't Scratch It Itch.

I'm not really sure what is worse.

At least the pain wasn't visible...only blinding and made me twitch and clutch my head on occasion.  I mean, it only looked like I was having an inward conversation with some sort of mind control razor wielding creature.

But alas, I have a job interview tomorrow...at 4pm.

Thank goodness it's with the walk in clinic that diagnosed me.  They said it's fine to come in...I just had to promise not to rub heads with anyone.

Hardy har har...

Saturday, April 28, 2012

So guess what I managed to get...

I'm 37 years old.

I'm a healthy female.

Other than the herniated discs in my neck...and my fibromyalgia...with the occassional migraine...

I have bronchitis once in a while, and catch colds...

Have had Herpangina (the adult form of hand, foot and mouth disease)...O.M.G so very very painful.

Now I have the icing on the cake.


Uh huh...oh yes... shingles. 

I have fucking shingles.

What. The. Fuck.

Started Monday morning with the headache of all headaches.  Felt like a head injury headache.

Popped a few Motrin every few hours and dealt with it.

Tuesday...felt semi OK.  Still had a horribly sore spot on my head and was exhausted.  Called in sick to work.  Slept all afternoon.

WebMD'd the hell out of my symptoms.


Wednesday felt pretty ok.  Sore spot was miserable.  The throbbing in my jaws was awful.  Took myself to local walk in clinic.  Explained the head injury pain.  Explained my lack of nausea and light sensitivity. 

They sent me to the ER.  I hung out in the ER and was beginning to think I wasn't drunk or bloody enough to be there.  They pumped me up with Dacradon, Toradol and something else.  I felt pretty good.

Thursday...go to class.  Feeling OK.  Tired.  Pain on top of head and ice picks are jabbing away.

Friday...go to work.  Clinic calls to follow up.  I told them my pain was still a 7.  They wanted me back in to do a CT scan.  So my doc sends me on my way.

CT scan comes back normal.  New pain meds...

Nada...still wanting to cut the top of my head off.  Now the pain has spread to my jaw, forehead and my left eye brow is numb.

My parents show up because my mom can't stand not knowing if I am OK.

The Husband leaves for Drill on Saturday morning.  My left eye feels funny.  

Oh goodie...its almost swollen shut.


So my dad and I go to the clinic again...and then I practically break out right there in the room.

I have shingles.

Lovely lovely shingles.

Thankfully most are in my scalp/hair.  I have three bumps on my forehead.

I cried.

I have a big job interview on Tuesday.  I've had to notify my doctor (who was very sympathetic and understanding), my maid, my son's daycare teacher and my school.

I had a huge crying jag, very similar to the one I had when I was eight and had the chickenpox.

I've slept in a vicodin/prednisone/valtrex induced coma all day while my parents took care of Kiddo.

I wanted to explain to the pharmacist why I was picking up valtrex, but didn't feel like it.  If he thinks I have the Naughty Naughty Disease, oh well.

And if the Naughty Naughty Disease feels anything like this Down There...I am sorry.

This shit hurts...like bad. 

Sunday, April 22, 2012

Lucky Girl

I have this crazy talent...

It's not crafty...heavens forbid I have to do a school project with Kiddo.  I may cry.  I hate glitter and glue. 

Especially glitter.

I'm an OK cook but nothing exciting.

I don't have a flair for fashion, or hair...

And I definitely absolutely positively CANNOT sing.  Kiddo fusses in the back seat because 'you are sounding wrong Mom!'

I find Four Leaf Clovers.


Like a gazillion of them.

It's something to do with my OCD thing with patterns.  If something is out of the ordinary, it immediately catches my eye.

Sheetrock cracks...oil spots in the driveway...mortar cracks outside in the exposed brick (most of those are imaginary)...I have a severe problem with things that are out of order.

And Four Leaf Clovers clearly fall into that category.

This is a sample of the past week or so...

First Batch...

Two Days Later...

And the Big One...a Five Leaf Clover. 
I have found a Six Leaf Clover before...but I like the Fives too.

Hoping that eventually all this Good Luck rubs off.  I do have an interview on Monday with a local walk in clinic chain that we have here.  Maybe I'll put the Fiver in my pocket.

Saturday, April 14, 2012

Big Time Bummed

Yeah...it's been a week of job searching and nothing has panned out.

I know I know...patience.  A week...big deal.

Most of the problem is that I am not certified and still in school.  My resume is automatically being tossed.

So I need to wait.

And it's killing me.

And I think I wrote this same post last fall.

But I'm really bummed.

And disappointed.

And angry.

Damn it.

The Husband says everything will be fine. 

I'm not so sure.

Of course I am a bit of a pessimist anyway.

I wrote out an email to the Housekeeper this morning ending her services at the end of May.  I can live without them even if I do get a job.  It's been nice, but I have to do some cutting somewhere.

The next to go is the Trash Pick up service.

I've cut the cable as far as I can, and the phones.   So the rest is just basics...Insurance, Utilities.  We will be fine with that budget.

I'm just annoyed...I had everything planned out.  Had a great place to work.  Had learned so much.  Now, just to get someone to notice me.

I'm a good employee.  I'm there on time.  I don't call in.  I don't start drama.  I listen and keep my mouth shut. 

Something will work out...it has to.  Otherwise this is all a huge fucking waste.

Tuesday, April 3, 2012


You know those days, when you are happily cruising down the Highway of Life...slurping your Caffeine Free Diet Mtn Dew (sometimes I wonder why I don't just drink water because that is pretty much a useless concoction in a bottle)...when suddenly you hit a piece of metal in the road that all of the other cars have managed to bypass...blowing out two pretty much brand new and filled with Nitrogen (don't get me started) tires...and knicking the third one pretty badly....thus resulting in a Tow, the purchase of four brand new (non Nitrogen filled) tires and being three hours later to pick up Kiddo on the Day He Was Supposed to Pick Up Kiddo so I could go to a late appointment at my Wonderful Therapist, also resulting in me cancelling my appointment and dashing to get Kiddo...

I didn't do that...The Husband did.

And I digress...not really...he isn't home yet...I'm fuming.  Not because of the blown tires, but because he opted to add on an Alignment to the new said tires thus adding ANOTHER FREAKING HOUR to his delay.

But the Highway of Life has thrown us a curveball.

Due to Circumstances Beyond Her Control, The Doc is going to have to close her practice in June.  It boils down to two other OB/GYN's being assholes and denying coverage for her at the Hospital...thus eliminating her Privileges.

You can't be an OB/GYN and not deliver babies...or perform surgeries...etc.

So she has no other option than to close up her small practice.

This sucks eggs all the way around.

And I got to hear my Doc cry.

I was getting super comfortable there.  I've given injections...learned soooo much....and was really happy.

Therefore, I'm job hunting again.



I really needed that Therapy appointment today.

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