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Thursday, June 28, 2012

*Holding my hands up in the air* ALL DONE!

Today was my very last day of class.



I've spent the last four days in 'Career Development'. 

Basically I emailed my resume to the Career Services Department, she couldn't pick it apart...I dilly dallied in the computer lab and I went to work after taking myself out to lunch at my favorite Mexican Place...while I read a non educational book.

I had the joy of watching the required 'You had better Pay your Student Loan Back' video.

I advised the Financial Aid lady that her numbers about what I owed was vastly wrong...and she found the error of her ways.

I dilly dallied some more and hung out with my old classmates.

In one month I am scheduled to take the National Medical Assistant Certification Test.

I had better study my ass off.

Cause if I fail...I'll just die.

The Externship is DONE.  I am now an official employee.

I'm busy as Hell and my knees hurt. 

I ordered new shoes from Amazon...I hope that helps.

Less money than my old job, more hours, so it balances out.  I guess.

I bought a purse today.  A lovely ORANGE purse from Kohls.

See, I had promised myself and awesomely awesome Coach bag when I started working full time.

I'm not working full time, and my salary is MUCH LESS than what I was going to make at my original job before she pulled the Plug and Retired.

So I put off The Purse.

Considering The Husband made a comment that my purse was 'getting ratty', I figured it was time to do something.  And I was in Kohl's...wasting time before I had to arrive for Student Appreciation.

Coach is not in the Budget...but Nine & Co 30% off plus an extra 30% off special coupon was.

So it is now mine.

And I am DONE.


I spent the day with my old peeps from class.  It was nice to hang out at the Student Appreciation Event.  Even if I was afraid to eat any of the food they had prepared for our cook out.  It was 110 degrees outside and I stood in line with my hand over the top of my head to prevent sunburn in my bangs part (a really bad spot for me...and I combust in direct sunlight anyway).

I drank two ice cold Mtn Dews and chatted...and laughed...and missed everyone.

I wore my green scrubs one last time.

I left at 12:50p with everyone else and headed home (since Thursday is now my day off).

And I felt good.

I've had anxiety attacks for the past two weeks about finances...but if I would relax and look...we are doing just fine...thank you very much.

I told Kiddo 'Mommy is done with School...yay right!?'  He high fived me and then asked 'Do I have to go to school tomorrow?' 

Yes son, you do...

He wasn't thrilled...at all.

Mommy left him a little GI Bill....he'll be fine.

Saturday, June 9, 2012

At this rate...

It's been weeks since I have blogged, and I started feeling a little withdrawal.

Plus, I hadn't caught up on the latest Big Bang Theory nor How I Met Your Mother either...

I'm way behind.

But life is good.

I'm busy.

Stupid crazy I can't believe I got myself into this mess kind of busy.

My Externship is flying by.  I finished Week 2 with a Good Evaluation.   I was hoping for an Outstanding Evaluation but I have only been there two weeks and I think Good will suffice.

They are one super dooper busy practice.  I mean, I never SIT!

At this rate, I should lose some more pounds...soon.

The fact that I pack my lunch every day rather than ordering out like the rest of the staff should help too.

Two more weeks and I am done with this crazy idea of mine.  School will be done, I'll be able to work for a paycheck and maybe I can breathe for a while.

I hope so anyway.

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