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Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Foot in Mouth

For once it wasn't me that said something really stupid...

Not 'I'll be out of your hair in a minute' to a patient that is clearly wearing a VERY bad toupee.

Not smacking a band aid onto a patient...on their ass...yeah that was great.

I've had a few foot in mouth moments...more or less from trying to make a patient feel slightly better, crack a joke, fill up empty silence in a room while a patient sits in the corner and seethes about their copay, waiting time, the fact I make them step on the scale and don't share in the fat jokes.

But the biggest foot in mouth came when a certain patient came in.

And it wasn't my foot...

You see, Kiddo has to switch daycare in the next few weeks.  The one he is at is in the wrong county/district from where he will have to go to Elementary School.  This has been a mess of a decision. 

Our county is not the hot bed of high end child care.  Or really even mediocre childcare.  There are only two licensed facilities.  One of which I described two summers ago as being Ain't No Way, and the one that I'll now refer to as Chuck. 

You'll see why.

As the Chuck employee and I are talking, I find out a few things. 

Apparently Kiddo's new daycare does A LOT of field trips in the summer. 

Like A WHOLE lot.  Three a week.

Of which I was unaware.


When she and I spoke, I was only aware of McDonalds Fridays, and bounce houses.

I wasn't aware that an hour away pool was involved...every week.

I didn't care for the pool idea.  Kiddo DESPISES water and doesn't swim.  I could just imagine someone thinking they were funny and throwing him in.

I just stay silent as I sort medications, and enter vitals. 

She then starts to describe  the inflatable water slide they get. 

So I am probably glaring at her when I said 'Oh, hmmmm really?  Kiddo doesn't care for water, he'll probably just chill out on his towel' (which is what he usually does on water day)

She scowls at me...then laughs.  Like a weird laugh.  

The Oh-heres-a-mom-protecting-her-wittle-boy laugh. 

You know the laugh.

She then announces 'Oh, we just take them up and chuck em down anyway'.

I pause.  I blink.  I get her pharmacy information and I leave the room.

I immediately text my husband that we have to switch daycares.  This wasn't going to work for us.


There was one hold out daycare.  A small church that had opened a preschool a few years ago.  As far as I knew they didn't have summer care, only during the school year.  But I'll just leave him at the one he is at currently for the summer and just deal with him knowing no one in Kindergarten.

So I call.

Guess what...they do have a summer program.  A small summer program.  

With a few field trips and an option for kids to stay back at the school if the parents aren't comfortable with the travel.

Oh...that's cool.

A director that is super nice.  And communicative.

The Husband goes by and does a drop by tour. 

He likes it.

I leave work today with Kiddo and we head straight there.  And I tour it. 

Kiddo makes fast friends with a little boy his age that he will be going to Kindergarten with. 

I hand over the enrollment forms.

I'm out $40 from the admission fee for Chuck.  Oh well. 

It's worth it to not have to Chuck a teacher down a water slide.

Not cool.


Anonymous said...

I am glad you had that conversation. Geez. I would have been so pissed to find out AFTER the fact that they just CHUCK kids in without a care as to if they are comfortable in water or not. Geez...

Stephanie said...

Talk about scarring a kid for life. What the heck is wrong with these people? And they're in childcare?

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