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Friday, February 8, 2013

And again...

Kiddo has had an on again, off again relationship with ear infections.

I thought we had broken up with them forever and ever...

But alas, like a crazy old Ex that won't just find a hole and crawl in it, Ear Infection #25 found him today.

I'll take a five year old with a double ear infection over the screaming hot mess of an infant that he used to be.

Nothing will make a mother's heart drop quite like seeing the name of the Preschool flash up on the cell phone.

Husband was available to manage the pick up, bring to the doctor (where I work haha) and wrestle in the waiting room.

But my Mommy Proud moment came when I got to bring my own child back to the room and check him in.

I am biased, but he was by far, the best patient of the day. 

I explained I wasn't Mommy right now, I was Dr B's Assistant.  He did so well.  Explained how his ears felt, talked like the Big Kid that he is becoming, and overall was just awesome.

After it was all over, I gave him two suckers.

Not many kids get two suckers.

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