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Sunday, June 26, 2011

Had to have THAT conversation

My son loves farm animals.





It does not matter.

Right now he is fascinated with 'cows with milk'.

But he has something wrong with his understand of 'cows with milk'.

He thinks Boy cows produce milk.

And keeps calling the Girl cows 'He' and the Boy cows 'She'.

He has a PILE of the Schleich animals...and they are anatomically correct.

VERY anatomically correct.

I mean...really really anatomically correct.

And my son keeps misinterpreting the testicles on some of the critters as 'milk'.

I explain they are not 'milk'.  They are Boys.  They have 'testicles...like you!'

He is not accepting that explanation.

According to my son he doesn't have 'testycalls'.

I finally got tired of explaining Mommy Cows Make Milk, not Daddy Cows today.

And I busted out with the following ...

"Mommy Cows make milk buddy.  Daddy Cows do not make milk.  Daddy Cows go to work and Mommy Cows feed their babies.  Mommy Cats make milk.  Mommy Dogs make milk.  Mommy People make milk."

His reply.. "No they don't.  They eat FOOD."

"Mommies make milk to feed their babies.  Babies can't eat FOOD until they are big like you.  I made milk for you"

And he got an absolutely HORRIFIED look on his face.

He kind of paused.  And he thought.

"Mommy.  I don't like that you make milk."

I had to laugh...cause he was formula fed from day one.

But it didn't change anything.

He is still calling the Mommy Cows 'he' and the Daddy Cows 'she'.

He'll figure it out...someday.

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

One day he'll figure out what those knockers are for! :)

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