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Monday, April 29, 2013

Not what we had expected...

A new couple moved into the neighborhood a couple of weeks ago.  We heard they had a four year old boy.  I was excited.  Finally, another kid that Kiddo could possible play with and get his ya-ya's out with on a regular basis. 

I dreamed of another mom I could hang out with and talk.

I'm sure The Husband had a plan too.  Hoping for another guy to hunt with.   Or talk cars and trucks.

The Husband and I were honestly just hoping for another normal(ish) couple ...our standards are getting pretty low considering some of the parents we've run into at Preschool and Kindergarten registration.  And since the Best Friends moved to Maine, we've been rather lacking in close social circles.

So we waited for a nice evening to stroll over with our freshly potted planter of herbs, and say Hi.

Up we strolled and caught them outside playing.

Introductions were made.  The kids hit it off, they dashed inside...we followed while doing the whole 'oh, we don't mean to stay long' kind of thing.

A half an hour later, I was packing up to leave...having had just about enough.

The mom is definitely not someone I want to really hang out with, or talk to very much.  I don't see wine glasses on the back deck in our futures.

The dad...well...he liked telling us about all of his tattoos.  (I have two...so I can't talk.  But I haven't randomly flashed body parts to complete strangers and explained the meaning behind each one...EVER).

She politely scowled when I explained that I am not a Stay at Home mom.
The Child.  Oh The Child.

He was not nice.  To the point Kiddo doesn't want to play with him ever again.

He threw things.  He yelled.  He apparently wrapped something around Kiddo's neck and tried to choke him.  He told Kiddo to leave more than once. 

Kiddo just didn't know how to take this.

I didn't either.  I wanted to park their kid in time out...all by myself.  Sort of a 'citizen arrest' kind of thing.

 Rather eye-opening I think.

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Anonymous said...

BOO! That sucks...maybe you can make some work friends?

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