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Tuesday, September 10, 2013

And that's True Parental Love Folks...

What is True Parental Love?

Some might say it's staying up all night with a sick little one, while not changing their puked upon clothes, nor sleeping, nor thinking straight.

Nah...that's for sissies.

Some might say it's putting their child in the Best School/Daycare/Preschool.

Nah...that's no fun.  Lets go with one that is sorta shady and let the kids duke it out!

But no really...in the past few months I've compiled a List of True Parental Love markers.

Feeling every stinking freaking fracking Angry Birds Mystery Pack at Target/Walgreens/whereever until you find one that you THINK might be the Darth Vader Bird and THEN paying $3 for the damned thing.

Buying the Yoda Bird and C3P0 Bird on Amazon because you've felt way too many bags already and the clerks are on to you.

Feeling up the Legos Mini Figures Mystery Packs in the same regard.  Only these damned things are so alike you can't begin to tell what is inside.  I give up, I'm not going to find the Knight. And I'm not buying it on Amazon.  Life will go on...and his Birthday is over.

Getting hit in the face with a Baseball...by a very enthusiastic six year old.  Before my 20th Class Reunion...and laughing about it...the next day. 

Filling out all these Fund Raiser forms.  Really?  He's in Kindergarten.  He can't read.  He trusts us.  I could be writing anything!

Running an online Facebook auction for friends to 'bid' on being the 7th Postcard I needed to complete his Fund Raising Goal for tonight.  My ad featured 'a handwritten autograph by a very cute six year old who may or may not be famous someday!'  Plus it guaranteed that they did not need to purchase anything to receive card and must promise not to purchase anything when they did receive it.  I had a pile of 'bids' and now have a secret stash of addresses to use in the future.

That my friends...is True Parental Love.

That and handing your kid the last home made roll at dinner last night because they didn't feel good and didn't want 'chicken again'.

My rolls are damned good...

I guess I love him. 

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