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Monday, September 30, 2013

Little Big Man

Kiddo started Kindergarten.

I cried. 

The Husband cried.

Seeing his little self getting on that bus with his big Ol' Backpack and his Purple Crayon name tag, it was a bit overwhelming.  I had to dab my eyes in the car and sink back against the seat.  I worried all day about his First Day.  Would he find the bathroom?  How was the cafeteria working out?  He was fine. More interested in playing his DS when he got home than tell us ANYTHING about ANYTHING.   He was rather calm. 

Then a few days later, the Fundraiser Crap arrived at the house.


They have to sell Five Items to attend the BMX bike show.

Holy crap monkeys.

It took me an hour or more to wade through everything.  Here's the deal, he can't read.  I can.  Therefore, who is doing the work?!

We survived the First Fundraiser with minimal injury.   I see Second Fundraiser is labeled on the school calendar for October.

Goodie.  Hoping I don't have to sell anything ya know!

But I digress....

I see my Kiddo get bigger every day.  He's somewhat reading.  He tells outlandish tales that I have to warn the grandparents over and over again...THEY ARE NOT REAL.

He had a little girl calling him 'a baby' on the bus.  For days he complained about being called 'a baby'.  Then one morning I happened to over hear her... "HEY BABY".  It was not A Baby, it was HEY BABY.

Really?!  She's FIVE!

 And he's all offended....

Too cute...

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